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At Orange Family Dental, we love catching up and chatting with our patients. This includes answering any questions that you may have. Check out the questions we hear most often below, and we welcome your call if you would like further information about any of our dental services. 


If you chip a tooth and are experiencing sensitivity or pain

  • Place cold pressure to the area to minimise any swelling of the soft structure.
  • Try to find all the bits that are missing and bring them to the dentist, keeping them moist. Some broken bits can be bonded back onto the teeth almost invisibly.
  • Then visit our practice immediately.
  • If there is no pain, then contact our practice to find out if it is necessary to seek dental treatment.

Very persistent toothache is always a sign that you need to see a dentist as soon as practicable. In the meantime, you should try to obtain relief by

  • Rinsing the mouth with water and trying to clean out debris from any obvious cavities.
  • Use dental floss to remove any food that might be trapped within the cavity (especially between the teeth).
  • If swelling is present, place a cold compress to the outside of the cheek (DO NOT HEAT).
  • Take pain relief if necessary, using pain medicines that you know you are safe with. Remember, no pain relief tablets will work directly on the tooth. They must be swallowed as directed. If placed on the tooth, they can cause more trouble (especially aspirin).

There are several reasons for a toothache including, dental cavities, dental fractures, mobile teeth or even increased sensitivity of the tooth. By visiting the dentist regularly you can avoid such dental pain.

It can be very overwhelming to handle a dental emergency, particularly when you or a loved one is in pain. The most important thing to remember is not to panic. The next few tips will help you know what actions to take to minimise tooth loss.

Knocked out Tooth
Should your tooth come out completely, follow these simple steps:

  • If dirty, rinse tooth in milk holding it by the crown (not roots). If not available use water (few seconds only) or have patient suck it clean, then put the tooth back in the socket.
  • If the tooth cannot be replanted, wrap in Glad Wrap or place it in milk or in the patient’s mouth inside the cheek.
  • Visit our practice within 30 minutes if you can. Time is critical for successful replanting.

We recommend seeing children around their second or third birthday. By this age, your child has excellent awareness, which makes their first dental experience less frightening and easier for them to understand. At this age, we can better explain treatment and the various dental instruments as well.

At Orange Family Dental, it is our goal to make the dental experience easy for your child, and we always want him or her to look forward to coming to the dentist.

These early appointments allow our dentist to make sure teeth are coming in correctly and on schedule. We can also provide a check-up and start to compare oral health changes between visits.

As your child ages, we always add age-appropriate treatments to help achieve and maintain the healthiest smile as well.

Through the years, your child’s treatments may include fissure sealants and fluoride treatments to strengthen teeth and help prevent decay. And in no time, we start professional teeth cleans to promote fewer cavities and improved oral health.

Our team also encourages your questions, and we can provide tips to help you care for your child’s teeth between dental visits as well.

Please contact us to book an appointment for your child.

X-rays show us things we can't see with the naked eye.
A Bitewing x-ray is a digital x-ray used to check for decay between the teeth and to show how well the upper and lower teeth line up. They can also show if there is any bone loss due to severe gum disease.
An OPG' or 'Panoramic' X-ray shows a broad view of the jaws, teeth, sinuses, nasal area, and temporomandibular (jaw) joints.  These X-rays show problems such as impacted teeth, wisdom teeth, missing teeth, extra teeth, bone abnormalities, cysts, solid growths (tumors), infections, and fractures. These x-rays are also taken prior to people undergoing orthodontic treatment.

At Orange Family Dental, Drs Patrick Rourke, Cheng Zhang and Amy Calvin want to see area families receive the dental care they want and deserve. For this reason, we accept all private health funds—collecting payment at the time of your visit and then putting in for reimbursement on your behalf.

However, as a private dental clinic, we cannot accept Medicare.

As far as health funds we partner with as preferred providers, these include BUPA and HCF.

Having explained this, we still encourage you to check with your health fund provider to learn your level of coverage and the rebate amount.

When it comes to dentistry, your dentist in Orange, NSW will always break down treatment costs with you and make sure you are on board before beginning any dental care treatment, especially ongoing procedures that require multiple dental clinic visits. With us, there are never any surprises, and we pride ourselves on trust and transparency.

For Dental Care in Orange, NSW, We Welcome Your Call

If you have any questions about your treatment—even a scheduled treatment—we are always happy to chat with you.

Orange Family Dental proudly serves patients in Orange, Bathurst, Dubbo, Cowra and anywhere else patients are seeking dentistry from a friendly and caring team.

At Orange Family Dental, we want to help you get the care you need and the treatments you deserve. However, we are a private dental practice, and therefore, services cannot be claimed through Medicare.

Our dental services include:

Preventive dentistry—dental check-ups, teeth cleans, oral cancer screenings, fissure sealants, fluoride treatments and mouthguards for sports and recreation

  • General dentistry—tooth-coloured fillings, root canal therapy and gentle extractions
  • Children’s dentistry—age-appropriate services as your child grows
  • Emergency dentistry—treating your toothaches and dental emergencies fast
  • Tooth replacement—Dental implants and dental bridges
  • Cosmetic dentistry—teeth whitening, tooth-coloured restorations and tooth replacement

While we do not participate with Medicare, we are preferred providers with BUPA and HCF, and we accept all other private health funds. We recommend checking with your health fund provider to learn more about your level of coverage and the allowed rebate.

Orange Family Dental collects payment at the time of service, but we are always happy to speak with you about your coverage. We also recommend checking our website periodically for health fund changes, including additions.

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