Missing Teeth

If you have a missing tooth (or multiple missing teeth), enjoying your favourite foods and speaking clearly may be difficult. Missing teeth can also make you feel self-conscious.

Aside from dietary choices, speaking and emotional upset, missing teeth may also play a role in future oral health conditions. For example, when teeth are missing, the teeth left behind tend to migrate toward these wide-open spaces, which can throw off your bite and lead to wear on specific teeth—those that are counted on to do the chewing.

Your dentists in Orange, NSW, Drs Patrick Rourke, Cheng Zhang, Stephanie Hollis and Hywel Davies provide a variety of tooth replacement options if you have missing teeth.

A Dental Bridge

A dental bridge restores your smile and the function of your bite by seamlessly closing the smile gap brought by missing teeth.

Your dental bridge is a tooth or teeth situated between dental crowns. The crowns—one on each end of the bridge—cap adjacent teeth and allow the restoring teeth to fill in for what is missing.

Our meticulous dentists make sure your bridge blends seamlessly with your remaining teeth and that it fits and functions as it should.



Dental ImplantsDental Implant

Many dentists that we know consider dental implants the gold standard in tooth replacement. It is the only system available—as of this writing—that replaces both your tooth and its valuable root.

When you replace your tooth’s root, it may help prevent jawbone deterioration, which is a common problem associated with tooth loss. Your implant may stimulate this bone to keep it viable.

Dr Patrick Rourke provides dental implants at Orange Family Dental.  Dr Rourke is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists which he achieved in 2019 and places dental implants using a full digital protocol.   We want our patients to have the closest replication to natural teeth that modern dentistry has to offer. We want you to have options.

Dental implants start with a consultation. Dr Rourke examines you, asks specific medical questions, and may take x-rays if no relevant films are available. This is also your time to ask questions and share your concerns. We genuinely want to know what you’re looking for in a new smile.

If dental implants are the best choice for you, Dr Rourke plans your implant surgery. During this surgery, he will implant your tooth replacement root—also called a dental implant. Of course, we make sure the area is thoroughly numb before we start treatment. After a few months, the replacement root integrates with your jawbone, creating a strong foundation for your replacement tooth—also called a dental crown.

If you have multiple missing teeth, an implant-supported restoration may also be an option. This means restoring teeth on an arch using four to six implants to secure this arch. Yes, dental implant posts are that sturdy.

Dentures and Partial Dentures

Dentures and partials are a time-tested solution to tooth loss. Full dentures stand in for complete tooth loss and partials take over when sporadic teeth are missing. 

At Orange Family Dental, we customise your denture or partial to fit your mouth, and we use digital impressions, so no messy impression goop for you. Our dentists work with first-time denture wearers and those who are looking to upgrade their prosthetic to a more modern or better fitting appliance. 

If You’re Considering Tooth Replacement, Contact our Team

We are here to restore your bite and tooth function, and we encourage you to reach out to start the tooth replacement process.