Teeth Whitening

Custom teeth whitening traysIf your smile is not quite as radiant as it once was, or if you want to treat yourself to teeth whitening in preparation for an upcoming event, such as a wedding, contact Orange Family Dental to book a teeth whitening consultation with one of our dentists or oral health therapists.

Whitening systems are becoming extremely popular online and at shops and beauty salons. It might be tempting to give them a try. You will always achieve better results when you choose to whiten your teeth under the supervision of an experienced dentist.

Why teeth discolour with age

As we age, the enamel on our teeth collects stains from colourful foods, coffee, tea and wine. Some of the healthiest foods can even contribute to stained teeth. Tobacco use causes stains to develop even more quickly and can leave teeth looking brown or yellow.

Rather than giving up your red wine or morning latté, we offer an alternative to keep your teeth looking bright.

Take-Home Whitening KitsWhitening gel

Our dentists will take a 3D scan of your teeth and create custom teeth whitening trays.  You will then be provided with whitening gel to use in your trays.  Your dentist will advise how often and how long you should perform the treatment to achieve the desired results.

You can expect to use your custom teeth whitening trays for many years to come (as long as your teeth or bite does not shift), . You can whiten your teeth every few months, or whenever you notice new stains developing.