When you come in to visit us for the first time, you'll find a group of friendly, knowledgeable and caring people who will put you at ease. If you haven't done so in advance, our front office team will ask you to fill in a form with some basic contact details, medical history, and routine dental questions.

Our team of clinicians, including dentists and oral health therapists, will take care of all your dental needs. Our dentists, Dr Patrick Rourke, Dr Cheng Zhang, Dr Stephanie Hollis, Dr Hywel Davies, will examine your teeth and carry out and plan any necessary treatment. Our Oral Health Therapists, Rebecca and Numan, will give your teeth a clean, so your pearly whites are sparkling by the time you go home.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please don't hesitate to let our lovely receptionists know so they can pass on any important information to your dentist.