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Dental techniques and technologies are always evolving, and at Orange Family Dental, we aim to have the best of these to treat to our patients. If a technology aids in diagnostics, complements your outcome or allows for a more comfortable dental experience, we are keen to bring that innovation into our dental clinic. 

Our Practice is completely digital which aids in accurate and comfortable treatment.

Here are some of the diagnostic and treatment technologies we have in our practice.

Intraoral Cameras

It is important to us that our patients completely understand the diagnosis and the reasons behind our dentist's treatment recommendations. We also want you to have all the best information to make informed oral health decisions.

Intraoral cameras are small pen-sized cameras that capture images of your teeth and gums. Your dentist is able to share these images with you on a treatment room monitor. This allows you to see what your dentist sees, understand any recommendations. Additionally, it aids you in making oral health decisions. 

At Orange Family Dental, trust and transparency are important to our dentists, which is why we enjoy offering this technology to our patients. 

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Digital X-Rays and OPG's

At Orange Family Dental, it is our goal to provide optimal patient outcomes in a safe environment. Digital x-rays not only contribute to diagnostics, but they emit less radiation compared with radiographs from previous decades. 

Additionally, digital x-rays allow for enhanced images for your dentist. These images are resizable as well to help your dentist locate emerging oral health conditions, like small cavities between teeth or early oral infections.  

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3-D Cone Beam Imaging

This innovative Imaging technology allows our Dentsist to capture images of your teeth, soft tissues, and even your nerves in a single scan. This three-dimensional and detailed imaging helps your dentist to diagnose dental health conditions that may be causing you pain or contributing to other oral health complications. 

This tool also aids in treatment planning, including dental implants, wisdom tooth extraction and complex root canal therapies.

This technology is digital, which means it releases negligible radiation compared with traditional radiographs. 

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Digital Impressions

Trios ScannerIn our practice, we rely on the TRIOS® Digital Impression System to provide our patients with comfortable and efficient dental restorations. Instead of goopy materials in your mouth, this technology scans your oral cavity and sends digital impressions to one of our trusted lab partners. 

This technology not only considers your comfort, but we have found that it delivers accurate results for better fitting restorations such as crowns. The results are fewer dental appointments and less time in the dental chair. 

Digital Impressions are also used for making custom-fitted mouthguards.

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